Black Belt 5th degree

🇺🇸Professor Antonio was recently awarded by his professor, Jorge Patino Macaco, his 5th degree. That means 19 years as a black belt! Wow!

🇧🇷Professor Antonio recebeu recentemente das mãos do seu professor, Jorge Patino Macaco, o 5º grau na sua faixa preta. Isso significa 19 anos de faixa preta! Uau! !

🇺🇸Not only as a black belt, but a non stop black belt. Teaching, competing, coaching, referring.

🇧🇷Não somente um faixa preta, mas um faixa preta que nunca parou. Ensinando, competindo, coaching, arbitrando.

🇺🇸Thank you so much for all you do for our sport!

🇧🇷Muito obrigado por tudo que faz pelo nosso esporte!

Prof. Cicconi’s Seminar

Techniques for beginners and for professional fighters will be part the Seminar! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Our Head Coach Will Be in Houston End of April

ACJJ International leader and President of AALULIP, association that regulates fighting sports on the cost side of Sao Paulo, found a spot in his busy agenda of teaching, fighting, refereeing in Dallas and scheduled a date to spread lots of Jiu Jitsu in Houston area.